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"The schedule today is a little different. Following the Monday night game we'll end up pushing some of our practice and installations back. Today we spent a lot of time on film study and they'll do some lifting and running, but no official practice. Tomorrow we'll have our first practice, which will be base and we'll get some third down. We'll be shortened by doing that, but I think on a short week with where we're at right now with the handful of nicks that we have, we'll have a chance to get these guys back and get their legs back. We travel Saturday and it will be a short week – the schedule will be condensed to some degree – and we'll have to prepare accordingly. When we go tomorrow it'll be mostly first and second downs so the schedule will change a little bit, even a little bit different than how we handled the last week after a Monday night game."


"Mainly at this point in the season, my concern in coming off our second Monday night game, I'm always careful about where the team is at and going right back out just because the schedule says you're supposed to go right back out. I just want to pay close attention to where we're at from a health standpoint. I think we can do a little bit more later in the week on Saturday than we might normally do that prior to a game will be just fine. That's one of the reasons behind it. We've done this before. It's trying to keep their routine the same, and their routine really has always been practicing a couple of days after the last game, not just two days after but the third day after and that's what we're trying. You lose a little bit in preparation – we understand that – but I'm hoping we have better practices."




“有一个时间让过去玩过的游戏 - 我们说话的时候大约消化双赢或损失,进行更正不管,因为有很多的东西,我们必须进行清理,并获得到下一个任务这就是我们今天。这些家伙将有机会观看华盛顿的电影。他们明白,这是发挥真正的好防守和上周有他们更好的游戏之一的球队。他们在玩了很多,尽管所有他们已经受伤和一些挫折他们已经努力。所以,我认为越快球员和我们的工作人员现在把这项计划的同时,和更快的你到接下来的比赛和更好的下一个挑战,但还是有一个时间表。今天基本上已经对印第安人,但一直没有上新英格兰。我们花一点点时间在该磁带上只是为了确保我们就需要更正做,但我们在转移到华盛顿。”


"We use a lot of different things. We don't put axes in anyone's lockers, but we'll do different things each week to make sure that mentally and physically they're ready. Each week is a different challenge; it's a different team. This is a short week and we're going to Washington – a place that has been a tough place for us, and this is a team we haven't beaten, really. We played them in '06 and lost and we 玩ed them last season and lost. I think with the team where we're at after 11 games, they understand the process. Tomorrow we have to have a good practice. They understand the importance of putting in the proper work during the week and how that can pay off on the weekends. They've seen that. I thought we had good practices last week and starting tomorrow we'll get after it again and get going."


“我认为这实际上是关于改善和互相挑战。我认为他们能够通过所有的排序。回答你的问题,我不和经过一个双赢或损失的所有后果。它的准备回来,更好地发挥比你的前一周。我们已经准备好,看看不同类型的防御和不同类型的罪行,一个非常不同的团队从一个刚才我们看到的示意设计。这些都是挑战在短短的一周时间 - 不仅是身体方面的,但不同的外观的心理方面,但我认为这是一个NFC的游戏,这是显著的意义在于它是一个NFC的游戏,我们在那舒展。现在的季节里也有很多事情你玩了,但肯定有机会出现是否......显然分区冠军 - 赢得您的部门是第一目标,当你开始这个赛季,在季后赛中获得,赢得您的部门,然后让自己在一个位置,使在季后赛中运行。因此,所有的这是摆在我们面前,所有的这仍然就来了,我们要努力实现那些事。更重要的是,我认为这是对我们的发挥最好的足球和以前真的修正,从一周的错误。”

After watching Courtney Roby/Mike McKenzie.aspx">Mike McKenzie practice last week, did you foresee him 玩ing as much as he did Monday night?

"I don't think anyone expected him to play that many snaps, and that was a result of Randall's injury. I think the plan initially was to split work with him and Chris (McAlister) and then because of Randall's injury after the 10th play, obviously those guys played a lot more. He did a great job. It was encouraging to see the way he moved around and the interception he made was a significant play in that they had just returned a punt and were in a position to go up possibly 14-3 or 10-3, so I thought it was a key 玩."


"Yes. After we had a couple of injuries, he called and left a voice message. I had his little sticky note on my desk and Mickey (Loomis) and I had talked a little bit after our first workout of corners and then I called him back, we brought him in last Monday and worked him out, and he was in a lot better shape that we expected. What people really fail to realize is that the season he was having in '07, prior to his first injury – it happened on that play against Philadelphia which was kind of a freak 玩 where McNabb had fumbled and the ball went into the end zone, that's when he hurt his ACL – but he was having his best season that year. That's a significant injury for a cornerback and that following '08 season to have the kneecap fracture, both of those things combined can certainly impact a corner's position. To his credit, his rehab and the shape he's in now, it was great to see."


“你想继续通过康复看到他的进步和麦克的一个家伙的身边 - 我想我们留下了更衣室为他一两个月,但有没有写过关于他在玩的时候的水平了很多,他受伤了,他有他受伤之前的07年是伟大的一年,他有一个伟大的赛季 - 。他得到了本赛季的第二至上周伤害它很高兴看到他的表演,在这里进来和帮助我们在短短的一周。这是惊人的。”


"There's a learning curve. But Mike has been a guy that is a pretty quick study. He picked it up pretty well. There were a handful of defenses – and the thing that Gregg did a great job with and his staff did a great job, Dennis Allen did a great job of giving those guys a cram course into what we were going to be doing and how we call it. The interception, the fourth down play, there were a number of plays that he came up with. That's our league and it's interesting. Sometimes there's a player that comes in the week of a game and all of a sudden, he's 玩ing. To his credit he was prepared."




"I can't speak for the players, but I don't know where it fits in for us. It's not at the top of the list as much as winning this week's game in Washington. We don't really get past the next game, really. I know you've heard me say that, but I couldn't tell you who we play three weeks from now, really. These games go by quickly and the season goes by quickly and you just get consumed with the next game. We've tried to really remain focused on the next game and I think it's all geared about positioning yourself to make a run in the postseason. Back to your question, I think it's really about this week in Washington and not past that. I don't know who we play after Washington, really. That's the key and you can't do it any other way. Certainly we're aware that we've been able to 玩 well and win 11 games and that gives you confidence, and yet the next challenge is up and you really have to jump in and get submerged in it."




“他们在防守上很好的速度。伦敦弗莱彻一直是一个优秀的,富有成效的后卫他们。他们有一个良好的前面。显然艾伯特·海恩斯沃思是一个重要的除了他们,他们已经统计完成了伟大的工作。他们是一个团队这已经很不错的问候过往游戏 - 他们是头号在联赛中传防守,他们是整个五防顶部的一个进攻,他们有速度之外,他们有一些年轻的接收器与桑塔纳一起。苔藓,谁打我们,我们打他们的最后一次。他们已经有缺口了,在跑了回来,但是当你在最近的比赛,达拉斯和费城,他们是一个团队,这是欲擒故纵。走在路上并发挥这些家伙是在短短的一周时间的另一项挑战。他们已经给了我们很多的问题,一个团队。去年我们能够及早得到领先的,我们不能拿着它,并最终在败诉本赛季的第二个星期,在06年,我们真的努力对付他们。因此我们有我们的手全在这场比赛中,我认为我们的球员可以看出,在磁带上,当我们看着他们。”


"I think any time you can play at home, obviously you prefer it to playing on the road. I haven't really been paying attention to Minnesota. Certainly you understand that there's another team in your conference that's sitting there with 'X' number of wins and we need to beware and continue to play our best football. I think with the fan base that we have at the Superdome and the opportunity to 玩 home games, that helps us. I think the noise level helps us, that's pretty clear. But the only thing you can really do each week to pay attention to those things is to worry about and work on the next thing and that's where we're at right now. Like I said, there will be other big games and we'll keep preparing but the big game this week for us is Washington."


"I buy into the idea of preparing for your next opponent. That's what I buy into. Just getting ready to put our best plan together for Washington, that's what our players understand and what our coaches understand we have to do. To do it on a short week is challenging. We just 玩ed Monday night and we're sitting here on Wednesday and still have a lot of work to do for this game plan. It's a different type of team and they present a lot of different challenges. That's the main focus."


“我认为,我所看到的是一个年轻的教练在看其他教练是他们是如何做到的处理焦点和他们的团队响应消除杂念一个好工作。常常分心是对周围的角落或就在同一个房间你我的想法。他们这样做的一个很好的工作。这些年来,他们已经能够赢得和保持专注,并准备下一场比赛。如果他们有一个挫折,他们对付它,这就是我们”已经尽力在这里做。即使今天,我们试图密切关注在游戏中所做的晚上和有一些人,并确保这些事情不会再发生了错误。当你把磁带上,在损失它从来没有那么糟糕,因为你想,并在赢得这是从来没有好,因为你可能会想象它和磁带带你回到多少东西,我们要清理我们必须改变。这就是我们在。我们做到了这一点与现在的球员,我们已经转移到华盛顿:T Ø回答你的问题,我认为那些家伙 - 无论是单或托尼 - 在过去几年做了很多工作。他们的记录将表明这一点。”




"It was an example last year of our inability to finish. When you look at that game, the quarterback made a big play, got out of a hole. Defensively we had them pinned back and they ended up hitting a big pass play and rallied from behind. Offensively, we struggled in a third-and-one and really struggled to get a first down later in that game to really keep the lead. But again, those are some of things that we have to look closely at and continue to emphasize. With how we're 玩ing now, it's obviously two different teams from a year ago but nonetheless, they're a challenging team."














"That's very typical in our league. There's a period of time and then there's a secondary portion of your career and my experience is that if the player knows who he is, there's a good chance that he can play a long time in this league and when 玩ers don't know who they are, there's a good chance that their careers get shortened prematurely. They fail to understand where they're at. I think in both Chris McAlister's case and Courtney Roby/Mike McKenzie.aspx">Mike McKenzie's case, they understand that and they still have snaps ahead of them."


“他是一个物理选手。他是一个下坡的选手。我认为他可以给你一些强硬码,并做到了。还有他是如何运行的态度。他有我们一些大的游戏今年已。我想拼命奔跑,有良好的工作的晚上。的一部分,与前一起,并且我们已经在减少了一些方案,并在东西屈指可数越来越好,我们可以每周在工作一直在做(来完成游戏) ,他是其中的一部分。


"Not right now. We constantly pay attention to how we can improve. How's our get-off? All those things. As a coaching staff, our job is to really look closely at all aspects and make sure we're improving in all areas. There were some things in the running game last week that I wasn't pleased with; there were some things from a protection standpoint and defensively there were a number of things that we saw and Gregg will be working on this week to correct, no different than the operation in snapping, holding and kicking a field goal or extra point. Those are just things that we have to pay attention to. He hit the upright and we made the first field goal. I think that part of the reason that Garrett's here is that we feel like we have a young, talented player that's going to play a long time for us that we saw 玩 well last year. We'll continue to evaluate both he and John."




"I don't think so. Both of those guys are getting plenty of work right now. We're fortunate enough to be able to carry the extra kicker, just like we are maybe an extra receiver that doesn't get to the game, an offensive lineman that doesn't get to the game. We put the inactives down each week and it varies some. I think there are times where because of injuries you might get pressed with that luxury. Fortunately, to date, we've been able to find room elsewhere and that has provided us that depth and we'll continue to work just as we have been."


“这是来自圣路易斯的比赛,他曾两次在那里,他撞伤了膝盖的一侧,还有一个是在草皮上。我们每星期在监视它,处理它,我要确保他的健康。他。差点打的晚上我们的工作他出来 - 我的工作他出去 - 我只是觉得我还是想等待那它是什么,虽然“。